Saturday, June 15, 2013

Baby finances after the baby is born

Comparing what the worth of the souls is for America and Estonia :D

In (Estonia)
~ 320 euros (one-time thing) – Financial birth support from Keila local government (most local governments pay financial birth support; it is paid to everyone, not based on the need).

~ 20* euros a month for 19** years! − Child support (is paid to everyone and is not based on the need). For second and third child it is about 60 euros a month.  * Subject to increase in time. ** Is paid until the child is 16 years old if he/she does not continue studies in high school or vocational school after that.

290 euros a month minimum – Maternity pay (paid to everyone, not based on the need). Government pays min 290 euros a month for 1,5 years after the baby is born; when the person (mom) has worked at least a year before giving birth then the maternity pay is her average salary a month; Estonia’s average salary is about 800 before taxes, most women get less, though. So I would be getting maternity pay every month from 500 to 600 euros. If the person works while receiving maternity pay she cannot work more than for 290 euros. After that the government will ask the person to repay some of the maternity leave (so it would not exceed her average pay+290 euros). The government uses social taxes (that I have been paying from my monthly salary – 33% of it) funds for the maternity pay.  

Out (USA)
100 dollars − Registering the birth of American child in Estonia
105 dollars − cost of American passport for American child

After everything that Estonian government gives, the birth rate is still low. It is not about money then. It is about values...

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