Tuesday, May 14, 2013


For family night we went to the new Star Trek movie (it opened early in Europe, probably because this weekend is Eurovision).  I almost died waiting for 4 long years, but it was worth the wait.  Words cannot describe the greatness of this movie.  It took all the best parts, themes, lessons, styles, and characters of the Star Trek universe and turned it into one beautiful masterpiece.  A beautiful masterpiece filled with hope, love, fear, courage, terror, tragedy, triumph, shock, despair, and glory.  Not only is this the best movie I have ever seen, it is most likely the best movie that I ever will see.  I can't wait to go see it again, and I am excited for the third movie, hopefully it won't be a 4 year wait!  

This movie is any Trekkie's dream come true.  And the weird thing is, I think those who are not Trekkies will like it even more.  But beware, if you go you will leave the theater a Trekkie.  

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