Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eurovision 2013!

Eurovision was awesome this year as always.  Unfortunately I didn't get to watch it.  One of my favorite things to do is watch Eurovision with Maris, that is my favorite date  night of the year, this year didn't work out though.  We got to watch the first semi-final round which was awesome.  Estonia made it to the finals!  We missed the second round because we were in Finland, and then I had to go to Tartu on Saturday night so I only saw a little bit on the train and then had to read about who the winner was.  The biggest part isn't seeing who wins (they usually correctly predict who it is going to be every year) but enjoying the show.

Eurovision is kind of like thanksgiving, it is a nice feast but what is even better is that you can enjoy the left over Turkey for months!  The same goes with Eurovision, I usually hum the songs around the house for a few months.  So here you have my favorite Eurovision songs of 2013!

This is Estonia's song.  It was nice and sweet.  I liked it more than Maris did.

Denmark won, and I think it was the right choice.  This is a really great song.

Maris really liked Ukraine's song.  And yes that is a real giant who carries the girl on stage.  He is 7'8" and had some type of gland problem that caused him to be so big.

I loved this song, perfect club song.  I think Cascada kind of looks like my cousin Emily Hales! (more so in the official music video)  So if Emily ever is ever looking for a second career Euro-pop might be the answer.

The Netherlands had a super creepy song.  This is the Tim Burton of Eurovision.  After the first 20 seconds I said I hated it and by the end of the song I loved it.  That is what Tim Burton will do to you

Malta had a really nice song.

Russia's song wasn't as epic as last year's song but it was really beautiful.

Enjoy the music!

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