Sunday, April 21, 2013

Round 2

Thank you all for voting, round one was very exciting filled with upsets.  16. seed Allan upset 1. seed Erki, it must have been the US audience voting.  14. seed Daniel upset the 3 seed Jacob, I suppose the Angell family didn't want another Jacob in the family.  Also  14 seed Andero beat  3 seed Kristjan.

Unfortunately some classic Crandall family names didn't make it to round 2.  The 16 seeds Evan and Earl were out.  Why don't more people like Earl!?  It has character.  Also 14 seed David was ousted by Jack.  15 seed Spock also didn't make it.  It would have been a great name for our baby, a child from two worlds, the logical emotionless Estonian side with the wild emotional American side.  I was hoping that Spock and Kirk would meet in the third round, but it wasn't to be.  Kirk and Benjamin were tied after an extra overtime of voting, so me and Maris broke the tie by voting Kirk over Benjamin.

We'll have some great matchups in round 2, keep on voting.  An updated chart is below.


  1. no!!!!!! you voted Kirk over Ben?? Ben is my #1 name. if we ever had another boy, which we are NOT, he would definitely be named Ben.

  2. Ben is a little too Star Wars, and Kirk is a little more Star Trek, don't you think Ben is boring? Kirk is exciting. You can have all the kids vote in different browsers though!