Monday, April 15, 2013

Big news (updated)

The big new is that we are having a baby! And by we I mean Maris.  The baby is due in October, we are very excited.  So excited that we are breaking out the brackets for some baby name madness!

We don't know what we are having, so we will start with boy names and then girl names will come later.  We have the US names on the left and the Estonian names on the right (with a few Russian names).  The US names were mostly taken from in order, with a few exceptions.  The Estonian names were taken from several cites and the ranking might be more subjective than the US names.  The viewers will have the chance to vote on which name they like best and that name will move on.  check the polls on the side bar for the current name battles. 

UPDATE:  The bracket has been updated, check out to see who has advanced to the next round, keep on voting! 


  1. Awesome idea! Wouldn´t it be even better to have a name that works in both countries, though? :)

    1. Some names do work in both countries like Ants and Rain :) They are both in the bracket, we'll have to see if they win!

  2. Congratulations!! So excited for you two (three!)

  3. You know, I almost asked you two weeks ago about this. Had a strange feeling...

  4. Palju õnne ilusate uudiste puhul! :)

  5. This is so exciting! Congrats from Pete and Kimmy Bird!!!