Friday, April 26, 2013

Top 8!

Keep voting, down to the top 8


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Round 2

Thank you all for voting, round one was very exciting filled with upsets.  16. seed Allan upset 1. seed Erki, it must have been the US audience voting.  14. seed Daniel upset the 3 seed Jacob, I suppose the Angell family didn't want another Jacob in the family.  Also  14 seed Andero beat  3 seed Kristjan.

Unfortunately some classic Crandall family names didn't make it to round 2.  The 16 seeds Evan and Earl were out.  Why don't more people like Earl!?  It has character.  Also 14 seed David was ousted by Jack.  15 seed Spock also didn't make it.  It would have been a great name for our baby, a child from two worlds, the logical emotionless Estonian side with the wild emotional American side.  I was hoping that Spock and Kirk would meet in the third round, but it wasn't to be.  Kirk and Benjamin were tied after an extra overtime of voting, so me and Maris broke the tie by voting Kirk over Benjamin.

We'll have some great matchups in round 2, keep on voting.  An updated chart is below.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Big news (updated)

The big new is that we are having a baby! And by we I mean Maris.  The baby is due in October, we are very excited.  So excited that we are breaking out the brackets for some baby name madness!

We don't know what we are having, so we will start with boy names and then girl names will come later.  We have the US names on the left and the Estonian names on the right (with a few Russian names).  The US names were mostly taken from in order, with a few exceptions.  The Estonian names were taken from several cites and the ranking might be more subjective than the US names.  The viewers will have the chance to vote on which name they like best and that name will move on.  check the polls on the side bar for the current name battles. 

UPDATE:  The bracket has been updated, check out to see who has advanced to the next round, keep on voting! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Spring" time

So, it is 7th of April...
This post is only to complain. It is Estonians´ basic need and right. And usually we complain about weather. This post might explain why.

On my way home to visit relatives.

Today it has been snowing for hours. It is not normal.

Our back yard.

This will be me next year. Or Matthew... :D

All who are enjoying nice spring somewhere - let this make you appreciate it even more.

Let the laundry begin!

Recently we bought a dryer!  It is super awesome.  Those in America are probably thinking "that is nice, your old dryer must have been pretty crappy".  In Estonia no one has dryers!  This is our first dryer, and it is so nice.  Estonians reading this might think we are now rich snobs (ärge muretsege kallid sõbrad, me veel ei ole).  Estonians seem to have different priorities, somehow they have money for cars and SUVs but not for dryers.  Somehow we had money for a dryer but not for a car.

Before we had a rack that we would hang our clothes on.  It normally worked well, except for the big ticket items like blankets and sheets.  This is problematic for two reasons, first it takes a lot of room to dry them. In a small apartment there is only so much room.  Second, it is nice to have blankets and sheets dry before night so we can use them again, if they are still wet then we have to find some backups (small table cloth or something).  Also we could never do more than two loads in a day because the rack could only hold so much.  So we always had tons of dirty clothes in the dirty clothes bin and we never washed our sheets (at least not very often).  The first thing we did was wash and dry! our sheets.  Life is good.  Let the laundry begin!

Our front load Candy Dryer, energy class B, holds a load up to 9 KG on sale for 400 euros.  No special installation required, we just put it in the bathroom and that is it.  The water from the clothes is held in a special container and the hot air turns the bathroom into a sauna in no time, since we have a sauna in there anyway it doesn't bother us.  Our washer is in the kitchen which is typical for Europe. At some point we might move the washer into the bathroom and have the dryer and washer on top of each other.