Saturday, March 30, 2013

Love the place you live: Harjumaa county museum

We have been living in Keila for a while, but we just last Saturday went to see the Harjumaa museum!   We loved this place. It turned out to be awesome.  One of my students from Germany went to us and told us about it.  I think that shows that we need to get out more! We don't like to do too much in the winter time because it is so freezing.
 This was an old manor house that is now the Harjumaa county museum.

 There is also the ruins of a fortress from the 1300's (I think).  There isn't much left, but still cool to think how Old Keila is. So far we have loved Keila, it is a beautiful little city.  It should be even better in the summer time.

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