Friday, March 22, 2013

3 years! (good years, of course)

How awesome it is to be married!
It seems more that 3 years, though - good years!

For our anniversary we went to the TV-tower. They built it in the 70´s but it was officially opened in 1980.   

A fast elevator takes you to the 21st  floor. (I don´t like elevators really. I have this feeling that they might break any second now.) There are little holes with glass on top where you can see the ground beneath. Creepy.

The view is nice. As you can see it is still January here. If it does not melt soon I might go crazy. Matthew loves it here although he comes home often shaking and frozen. Hopefully this is all gone by... the end of April. 

The tower is 314 meters high.

Next to the TV-tower is the botanical garden. I love it because they have a tropical house. How moist and warm it was! Super! 

What an awesome view - a cactus and lots of snow.

We ate at an American restaurant. Meat is expensive there but from Mo-Fri they have a discount at lunch time - even 50 % off. Oh how happy we were. We both ordered meat that cost about 20 euros (the most expensive things on the menu), mine was filet mignon, Matthew ordered a whole rack of pork ribs. He was surprised that the ribs had way more meat on them than in America. His had different sides too, like an oven-baked potato, beans and coleslaw. When I asked if he liked coleslaw he said he does not. After eating it a bit he said he likes it a lot because they have used Estonian sour cream in it and it is not as sour as in America. So I said that most things are better when Estonian and American are mixed - just like our marriage. Matthew was not able to eat the entire rack. He clearly overestimated his abilities. He said he would have been able to eat it when he was younger but he is an old man now. In May he has a big birthday coming.

Thank you Matthew for an awesome day! I love you!


  1. I miss you too. Congrats on three years! Hope I can come visit soon.

    1. I have to come and visit. When it´s warmer!:)

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I laughed at the coleslaw comment; it figures Matt would like anything with hapukoor. Glad everything is going so well for you two.

  3. Hapukoor goes with anything. He could eat hapukoor with hapukoor for lunch. Sometimes I think my food is not good because he adds so much hapukoor to everything but I guess it is just his hapukoor madness.:D