Friday, January 25, 2013


Living in Europe is a blast.  Some people ask me how I like the food, and I always answer that I love it.  There are a few things that I miss from the States, but overall it is great.  It really isn't that different from the US.  Estonians love bacon for example.  When I was thinking about it, they might like bacon even more than Americans!  So I went to the store and took some pictures.

 This is a cheese spread that is ham flavored.  I have not had this brand, but overall this type of cheese spread is popular, and ham flavored is a classic.  It is really good.  It basically replaces the meat, cheese, and butter!  You can have an entire sandwich with two pieces of bread and this spread.

 Our favorite are these bacon flavored crackers.  They are so good.  We keep some of them in our food storage in case we ever need them. 

 Pringles have a ton of crazy flavors here including Smokin Ribs flavor.  It tastes just like ribs too!

 They also have these creepy pig snacks, I don't know what they are made of (pig somehow).  How do you turn a pig into puffs that go on the chips isle?  Who knows.

 They are so popular, that they have several brands.

 This is a smoked bacon and chili flavored bag of cips (corn chips)

 Classic Lays potato chips that are Grilled Bacon flavored!!

 Since I don't have my camera with me in the store very often, I thought I would take pictures of some non bacon items.  These are chicken chips!  Dried chicken crisps, they are ok, but you get sick of them after a few chips.

 Now moving on to the drink section.  I found this bottle of some type of condensed syrup that is used to make home made beer.  You add yeast and some sugary water, let it sit for 12 hours and then you have home made beer!  I thought that was just nuts.  This was not even in the alcohol isle!  Estonians have a serious drinking problem and most people don't even realize it.  Estonia is consistently among the top countries in Europe in alcohol consumption.

 I do like all the juices in Estonia.  They do not come in frozen cans, only in liquid form and usually only in 1 or 2 liter cartons (no gallon size).  They do not refrigerate them which is also interesting.  Banana-pear is really good.

 Multinectar is one of my favorites.

 This one isn't too unique, but it still seems weird to me (V-8 also seemed weird, who would actually drink that?)

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  1. interesting...and make your own beer? gross! so I'm surprised you haven't posted anything yet about the 49ers making it to the super bowl! are you so excited? are you going to be able to watch any of it?