Saturday, December 22, 2012

Orange you glad you live in Estonia?

This blog is about the color orange.  It is beautiful.  I remember in high school, Brian Brown loved the color orange and I never really got it, but now I do.  I have Estonia to thank for my new found love.  Estonia also loves the color orange.

As you noticed in my blog posts about the Astra and Nova buildings, there was a lot of concrete involved.  I can't stand this style.  Luckily, this is not the only architectural style that people are using.  Another trend I have noticed is the color orange.  The most active advocate of the color orange seems to be the Estonian government itself.  Good for them.  If any country needed a boost of bright color it is Estonia.  Dark winters and cloudy skies can be depressing at times, and there is nothing better than a nice bright orange pick me up.

Recently the Tallinn bus station was remodeled.  Since it wasn't being expanded, and since it wasn't that bad to begin with I wasn't expecting much.  In the first phase of construction it seemed that they were using weird cheap materials on the outside so I didn't expect much.  Last Sunday when I went to Tartu I got to see the finished remodeled bus station, and it was gorgeous!  It is amazing what the color orange can do.


The outside was fitted with a huge Tallinn Bussijaam sign in bright orange.   The right side of the building is mostly orange as well.  The inside was really pretty with a nice ceiling, and plenty of bright orange signs, and paint.  They did a great job with it.

Also, Estonia just received some new trains.  They need to be tested for 6 months, then they will go into service in June.  It has been one of the biggest events in Estonia this year.  Finland is already using them, so when we go to the temple we take one of these from Espoo to Helsinki.  Theirs are white.  Estonia choose to make them bright orange!!  They also look fantastic. 

These will replace the super old trains currently in use.  We take the train to Tallinn, so we are very excited for the new trains to come into service.  

And speaking of the color orange, it wouldn't be right to leave out the Estonian postal service.  They have been using bright orange for years.  mail boxes, tape, signs.  All orange. 

 I'm glad that Estonia has realized the beauty of orange.  Hopefully they will continue with this wonderful trend and continue to give eyes everywhere a bright pick me up.  What will be  next for Estonia?  Well there is still lots to do.  Here is a quick top 10 of things that Estonia should consider making orange.

10. The vanakaubamaja in Tartu.  The Tartu center is really beautiful, except for one old building.  I think they have plans to renovate it, but if they do it should definitely be in orange.
9. Pelgulinna sünnitus maja.  The birthing hospital next the the church looks terrible.  If you look closely you can see the ugly grey exterior falling off in places revealing an even uglier grey brick. 

8. The LDS chapel in Tallinn.  The LDS chapel in Tallinn is nice and small, it is also grey.  We have applied for an expansion, why not add a little touch of orange while your at it?  If the goal is to get more people to come to church then a little orange wouldn't hurt. Here is a look what it could look like with a little orange!

7. The great wall of Õismäe.  The great wall of Õismäe, is a really long building, I think between 20 and 30 stairwells!  It is just massive.  As of now, it has not been remodeled.  It should be, and they should choose orange.  The bottom right of the circle is the huge wall, you can tell that it is about 3 times longer than all of the other buildings around it. 

6. The Police.  The Estonian police have typical colors, blue and white.  Sometimes they wear florescent yellow vests, why not florescent orange vests? 

5. The Balti Jaam.  The train station in Tallinn could use an upgrade.  The waiting platforms recently were renovated but the main building and the surroundings could use an upgrade, similar to the new bus station.  Wouldn't be awesome if the train station matched the new trains?  I say paint it orange!
4. The national Estonian Museum.  Estonia is planning on building a massive national museum in Tartu.  It looks pretty good, but man wouldn't it look great if it were orange?
3. Riigikogu.  The riigikogu (parliament) building is currently a beautiful pink.  It stand just across the street from the large Russian orthodox church in old town.  Right now the building is totally overshadowed by the church an the parliament hardly gets any attention.  I think it is time for an orange remont!

 I didn't have time to turn the entire building orange, but you get enough of an idea.

2. President Ilves' bow tie.  President Ilves is famous for wearing a bow tie, wouldn't it be awesome if he wore a Bright orange one?
1. The Estonian flag.  Blue, black and white go pretty well together, but why not orange, black and white?


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