Sunday, December 30, 2012

New apartment

 As you know we moved to Keila about two months ago, and we love it.  Our apartment is really nice, much nicer than the old one.  It has more room (67 sq. meters vs. 50), it has a sauna, and it has a normal sized fridge which is awesome!  This first picture is of our entry way, strait ahead is the living room, the first door to the right is an office and then the second door to the right is the bedroom.  The door to the left is the bathroom.  The glass is smoked so you can't see through, but light shines through pretty easily it is kind of cool.  The sauna is in the bathroom, I didn't include any pictures but who wants to see someone's bathroom right?

 This is the office, we got a nice new snowman quilt for Christmas it fits well on our new couch. This room will double as a kid's bedroom when that time comes.  The couch folds down into a bed.  By the time he/she is old enough to realize that it is a fold down couch is a crappy bed we should be out of here into a better bigger home.

 The bedroom is pretty big which is nice, there is a door to the balcony next to the window.  The shelves were really hard to put together, they look pretty nice but are poor quality.  Whenever we move we will be leaving them here. 

This is the living room and dining room.  I got the green rug on sale back in 2008, I figured I would use it for 2 years and that would be it (my MA program was 2 years and I had no idea I would be staying in Estonia for this long), it is still going strong.   And yes we have a fireplace in our apartment, we haven't used it yet.  Maybe someday though.  It is just for looks mostly.  I would prefer to replace it with a 55 inch HD TV, but I'm not the one who designed the apartment and it is nice not having a TV most of the time.

 The kitchen opens up from the living room.  It is small, but nice.  You can see a nice big fridge that is really nice compared to our old one.  You can also see the empty box of fruit by the foot on the floor.  

If anyone wants to come visit us just let us know!

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