Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thoughts on the new and old apartments

We moved last week and we love our new apartment!  It is just amazing, a big step up from our last one.  We also love living in Keila, it is a really nice little town.  I thought I would give you the three things I liked and didn't like about our old apartment and about our new apartment.

Old apartment likes:
 1. The view.  It was on the 6th floor looking out at old town, it was just beautiful.  An added bonus was the fact that there was a little dirt road where cars would get stuck in the winter time.  When there was a lot of snow it would happen every night and all in the same spot in the road.  It is pretty entertaining watching the cars try to get unstuck. 
2. Close to work.  I could just walk 15-20 min and I would be at work, that made things pretty nice and easy for me.
3. Close to the central market!  You can see my previous posts on the market and the cheap meat prices, it is just an awesome place.  

Old apartment dislikes:
1. Too soviet.  The building was not remodeled, old shaky elevator, small creepy balcony (there was recently a Soviet era balcony that just fell off the building in Tallinn). Old Soviet furniture too. 
2.Small fridge.  It was really small.  Too small.
3. Homeless hangout.  This might be connected to the fact that we live close to the central market, but there are a lot of homeless people who live right by our apartment.  I have nothing against homeless people, but it is kind of weird watching them drink, start fires, pee in the bushes, leave their trash everywhere and so on. 

New apartment likes:
1. Nice everything inside.  Floors, cabinets, fridge (we can now fit our water filter in the fridge, meaning we can drink cold water!).
2. Sauna.  I hope Larry is reading this, he can appreciate it.  We have a Finnish style sauna in our apartment.  It is electric, not a wood burning sauna but I like that better.  It is really awesome. 
3. storage room!  There is a storage room in the basement of the apartment building, so we can put our suitcases, boxes, Christmas decorations and all the other stuff we don't often use.  

Life is great!  No negatives about the apartment yet!

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