Saturday, November 17, 2012

6 more months!


Six months from today the new Star Trek movie comes out!!  Star Trek into darkness is going to be great, and rumor has it, it will be even better than the last one.  The first trailer comes out in a month, very exciting!  It has been a long wait (4 years in between movies is way too long for me).  The 2009 reboot movie really got me interested in Star Trek again, I had totally forgotten how awesome it is.  Since May we have been enjoying Deep Space Nine, we are almost done with season 4.  This is one of the main advantages Star Trek has over Star Wars, with Star Wars you have a few movies and that is it, with Star Trek you have 28 seasons of high quality TV shows (not counting the animated series) and counting the upcoming movie, 12 full motion pictures!  Of course the biggest reason why Star Trek tops Star Wars is content.  I think JJ Abrams put it best, Star Wars is like rock and roll and Star Trek is like fine classical music. Sometimes I wonder if Star Trek was the reason why International Relations was so interesting to me.  Of course the mission was the biggest impact, but watching Deep Space Nine I see all the main concepts of International Relations.  The role of values, international organizations, democracy, sovereignty, minority issues, balance of power and the list goes on.  I was soaking all this up as a little kid and I had no idea.  We're not sure what we will do after Deep Space Nine is over, but luckily for us we have plenty of options. 

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