Sunday, October 14, 2012

Young Women New Beginning

This idea is not mine, I got it from Pinterest. So, nothing original here ;).

Matthew spoke at the activity about choice and accountability. He even told about his special list that he keeps in his wallet - a list of commitments that every member of the Priest Quorum agreed to. He likes using objects and examples when teaching. The girls liked it!

We played some games, for example Fruit basket tipped over with the names of all the YW values. That I made up and we used only 3 vales at a time. It was a fun way to go through all the values and memorize them.

I also had a small display introducing Young Women Program, motto etc, Personal Progress, awards and so forth.

Every food symbolizes a YW value

I even got the signs that introduced the values from Pinterest. I had to translate them  and change them with the help of the good old Paint program

Value posters on the left (made by our Beehives), class posters on the left  (that they got to keep)

Mia Maids


One of the Laurels

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