Sunday, October 7, 2012

Young Women Fund Raiser

Yesterday I had an interesting activity with my Young Women - I´m writing about it because Matthew really wanted me to do it. It was a fund raiser, a baked goods fair, to collect money for the YW camp next year in Finland. We plan to do it with the Helsinki stake. The girls are very excited and one of the girls really wanted to do the fun raiser. We had a bunch of the girls, missionaries and the YW leaders bake cakes, pies and other goods. Our prices were quite low but we encouraged people to give more. And they did! People wanted to give so much. The girls almost freaked out seeing all the money pouring in. It was really entertaining. 
We did the fair during Relief Society meeting that our branch watched before the Saturday morning session. It worked well because we had a lot of customers - hungry technicians, almost starving branch president, people form the Russian branch and so forth. 
What made me so happy was to see everybody excited, enjoying the goods, feeling good. 
It was the first time anyone has done this here in Estonia (at least that is what people said). 
Here are some photos of the YW and the goodies we sold.

 The girls making pumpkin and apple cake.

 Waffles with condensed milk and syrup.

 I made low calorie zucchini bread, high calorie zucchini bread :), banana bread and apple-cinnamon muffins.

 All ready for the first customers.

 Prices where from 20 euro cents to 50 cents and people could give more if they liked.

 Our biggest complaint was that we had too many sweets and not enough savory snacks. The little rolls with tomatoes was our only healthy thing (besides my low calorie bread that I called the Weight Watchers Zucchini Bread that was very popular). 

 The last one is called the Log among missionaries but we say Spotted Dog instead. Estonian version has dried fruit peaces in it. Well actually we use marmalade but I guess you cannot really say that in English. It is a kind of marmalade that is thicker and you can cut it into peaces and add them to the mix.

 Our wonderful Beehives - they are the ones responsible for most baked goods, selling them and organizing the event.

 Our older YW. The girl on the left just got baptized, the girl on the right wants to get baptized. But she is not yet 18 so she has to wait until her birthday in December because her parents want her to be absolutely sure about it and be fully responsible for her actions. 

 Matthew and out branch president enjoying the food. 

 Me and the girls.


  1. everything looks yummy! I love YW fundraisers and glad yours went well. what a good idea to combine girls camp with Helsinki stake.

  2. So much fun! Pete would have bought all of the little waffles. They are so expensive here!