Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nova building

 Tallinn University just finished a new building, called the Nova building.  Another one should be finished in about a month or so. It houses the Baltic film and media school.  They have some cool things inside like film studios and a movie theater.

 They decided to go cheap though on the inside!  This is one of the main normal hall ways.  It looks a lot like a parking garage.  At some point someone had a good idea "hey, we can save 10% if we only build 90% of the building!"  So they decided to not finish the inside.  They have gray painted floors and cement walls.  I'm not sure why they couldn't get the money to put up dry wall and paint, they did have funding from the European Union.  They were also over budget and late in finishing it.  But overall it is a nice new facility for us.  But I realize that this isn't BYU which has the Church's deep pockets to pay for things like... paint.  We'll take what we can get over here. 

 This is another picture of the inside, they use a lot of glass to go along with the cement. 

 Here is a nice new flat screen TV on the cement wall, it is a pretty interesting style, all the best technologies on a bland slab of concrete. 

Here is a classroom from the building, they don't have all the desks in yet, at least I don't think they do.  I'm not sure how people study film and media, maybe they do it with flat screen TVs while sitting on couches.  I did get a tour of the other new building which is not finished yet, that is where our department will be.  It seemed pretty nice, I'm excited for it.  Hopefully it will be done by Christmas.

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  1. a new building is a new building!! do they do free film nights on the weekends? that would be a fun date night. loved your berry smashing post, too.