Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best Star Trek episode ever?

I got the complete series of Deep Space Nine for my birthday and it is amazing how much I haven't seen or how much I don't remember.  I guess it has been 10 or 15 years since I have seen parts of it.  Anyway it is simply fantastic.  We just started season 4 (of 7) and I think that it may have been the best episode of Star Trek ever!  Lt. Commander Worf got transferred to Deep Space Nine (the Next Generation Series ended so they transferred his character to Deep Space Nine).  Also in season 4 the writers came over from the Next Generation, so I think the quality got a good boost.  It was amazing to see how all the old story lines added up into one amazing episode.  It was double long, so it really felt like a movie.  It was actually better than a movie.  It was just amazing.  Here is a clip I found from YouTube!  Enjoy.

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