Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An awesome day!

Today was a very nice day!  Nothing major happened, but lots of little things.
1. It was super warm and sunny!
2. Part of the side walk on the way to work has been closed for the last few months because of some construction to a building next to it, today it was open again for walking!
3. Estonia decided to extend my living permit, meaning I can now legally live in Estonia for another year!  Even though I speak Estonian, have a job, am married to an Estonian, and have lived in Estonia for about 6 years now I still have to renew my living permit (visa) every year.  But the process is pretty easy and they are pretty quick with their decisions.  As long as they keep approving my living permit I am OK with going every year!
4. And lastly, it was new sponge day!  Doing the dishes with a new sponge doesn't seem like a chore at all!

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