Saturday, August 25, 2012

jet lag and a bus that looks like a jet

The hardest part about flying to Europe is the  jet lag.  The first few days things were great because I took a sleeping pill at night, but then Saturday night I thought I would be ok and I ended up being awake for the entire night!  We had to wake up early to go to church in Tartu, so I did get to sleep a little on the bus there and back. 

The bus company bought some new buses while I was gone, so now the Tallinn-Tartu express bus looks like this!
 SEBE buss

Once you step inside it feels like you just got on an airplane.  Every seat had its own TV screen with an option of movies, TV, music, games, Internet and more!  It was pretty amazing.  It was Sunday, so we didn't watch anything but definitely next time. 

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