Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Warning: Linda Line sucks!

This is a warning to all the Estonian blog readers. Don't ever travel with Linda Line!  They are the hydro foil who claim  to travel to Finland in 90 min.  This blog post is to warn you of their lies and incompetence.  Yesterday we went to the temple which was a wonderful experience.  The trip over took an hour and 55 min, not 90 min.  This is actually standard, Linda Line can only reach Finland in 90 min if there isn't a single wave on the sea and if the boat is empty, but how often does that happen?  The return trip was the worst.  Our return trip was canceled because of technical reasons.  We were given the option to return on an earlier boat with 53 min notice.  We rushed from Espoo to try to make it but missed the boat by about 2 min.  We then had to pay an extra 10 bucks for a ticket on the Tallinnk boat that left later that night.  When I was buying the tickets I saw that there was a sale on Linda Line tickets, 36 euros for a round trip and a sale on Tallinnk tickets 36 euros for a return trip.  Somehow I had to pay an extra 10 euros for the Tallinnk return ticket.  I choose Linda Line because it was faster and had an earlier departure time.  The ironic part was that the Tallinnk boat took the same amount of time as Linda Line.  Linda Line takes no responsibility for their incompetence and treats their customers poorly.  If anyone reading this blog is considering a trip to Helsinki please choose another company that is reliable.  There is no reason to choose Linda Line, it will not save you time or money.  Linda Line sucks

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  1. That is terrible! I wonder if they have a facebook page--that's a great place to warn people. Sorry that it was so frustrating--but I'm glad you got to go to the temple :)