Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trip to Tõrva: kids and nature

At the end of June we went to Tõrva - my home town - and places nearby. A lot of the time we had to tend my little relatives. It was fun! For me the most important part of my home town is nature. So that was our trip - kids and nature. 

The first photo is my cousin´s sauna. Yes - you have to throw water on the rocks or it will not be sauna but just a room that is slightly more hot than usual.

My granny´s garden 

A cemetery where my aunt is buried. A nice old cross and a stone fence.

 My little relatives. The middle one lives in Finland.

An old church

Taagepera is a place where my mom´s mom used to live. There is a nice old manor house (or even a castle) built back in 1906.

Some of the manor houses where Baltic Germans lived were very fancy like the one in Taagepera. Now it is a hotel and people like to have their weddings there. Taagepera is extremely small - only 109 people live there. But back in the day it was a large and wealthy manor. Hugo von Stryck, the owner of the castle, spent  lots of money to build it. They even brought building materials from Riga (with horses). 

Here you can see how the castle is the nicest part of the tiny village. Rest of the buildings are quite run down. 

Here is where my grandmother lived. It was a wealthy farm before the Second World War. The owners were deported to Siberia so my grandmother got the place. Now the real owners (children of the deported people) are back and restoring the place. It looks so good now but just a few years ago when my granny moved it was not this all. 

The lookout where the kids hung out is still there after 20 years.

Lake Vanamõisa - my favorite.

My grandmother loves flowers and plants.

Watering can still being used.

Tõrva (pop 4000) has one restaurant and it is called Latvian Embassy. No, they do not offer Latvian food.

Now the kids:
 I like taking pictures of people but as my favorite model lives in England (my sister) I have to take pictures of kids.:) This is inspired by the Pellinor books. 

This shy little boy hid in the trees but then after a candy bar he was not so shy any more. 

More kids, meditating on the trampoline. 

Cheap work force :D

A cake I made for Elvis´s birthday. 

Elise in my mom´s place where I lived for 10 years. Surrounded by woods and fields. 

A piece of art by Matthew:

My mom´s house, old or vintage, what ever you prefer.

Elise and lake Vanamõisa

 Strawberry hunt in the park in Tõrva (this place is great for jogging)

My granny´s green house

In the green house

Mamma´s garden

 And this last photo is Elise making soup.

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  1. What a beautiful place! Love all the family history too!