Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer plans

Jill had a great blog post about her summer plans so I thought I would also give an update on our summer plans.  Estonia is a wonderful place to be in the summer time.  Right now it is 10:50 at night and I am watching a beautiful sunset.  Even when the sun goes down it isn't totally dark.  I'm not sure when the sun comes up, but it is pretty early.  The weather is usually pretty nice, not too hot and not too cold.  So here is our summer plans

1. lots of work.  I have to try to get some articles published, prepare for classes in the fall and I am doing some translating work right now.  This will keep me busy.
2. Temple trip in July.  The summer temple trip is always the best church activity of the year, lots of people go and it is always great to be at the temple.
3. Deep Space Nine.  Right now we are half way through season 2, there are 7 seasons total, we will probably be done by the end of summer.  I am amazed at how awesome it is, by far the best Star Trek series. 
4. Tõrva.  It is always nice to get away from Tallinn and spend time in Tõrva.  They have a nice lake there with a huge 4 level jumping platform.  I won't be jumping off the top platform, but it will still be nice.
5. Saaremaa (the big island).  Hopefully we will go visit some of Maris' relatives in July.  I haven't been since 2004, but it was awesome.
6. Bremen Germany.  I am going to the ECPR conference, I should get reimbursed from the institute when I get back, otherwise Maris would probably not let me come back!
7. Party in the USA! Twin Falls, Utah, family.  It will be great to see everyone. 
8. No visitors!  The last few summers we have had visitors on cruise ships, but no one this year.  Maybe next summer? Any takers?

1. Tõrva, Maris wants to spend as much time as possible home away from Tallinn!  She is not a city girl.
2. Reading, I can't keep track of all the books Maris has read, is reading or will be reading soon.
3. Young Women camps.  Maris will be going to a camp in Latvia for the youth (a mission activity) then there will be a girls camp for the young women in Estonia.  Also with her other activities it will keep her busy.
4. Working.  Maris has a nice editing job that keeps her busy.  Right now she is editing the next copy of the Liahona and soon the book our heritage. 
5. Movies.  Maris loves movies and she plans on watching lots of them this summer.
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers.  This is the summer of big concerts in Tallinn.  Recently there was a back to the 1990's concert with the Venga Boys and Sabrina.  Lady Gaga, Muse, Michael Buble are all coming as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Of course we can't go to all of them, so Maris is going to the Red Hot Chili Peppers with her brother, it should be a lot of fun. 
7.  Relaxing.  Maris has been pretty busy with finishing up school, teaching, editing and being young women's leader.  this summer should be a nice slower tempo for her. 

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