Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Europe loves Museums, and Estonia is no exception.  They have some pretty nice ones and they are dedicated to building more.  At the end of the semester the institute goes to some nice activity, this year we went to the new Seaplane harbor museum, it was really nice.  Here are some pictures from google of some of the museums in Estonia.
 This is the palace in Kadriorg, it is an art museum now.  It was built during the Russian empire.

 This is a plan to build a massive national museum in the outskirts of Tartu.  It was such a bogus project that the EU decided not to fund it.  This one is really a head scratcher, why would Estonia build such a massive, expensive museum when the tax burden is high and people are poor?   Who knows.  Another question is why would they build it in the middle of no where?  I have lived in Tartu for 2,5 years but I never made it to this area because there is nothing there.  Some are talking about making it smaller and cheaper, I hope they do.

 This is the KUMU museum, another art museum.  This is a massive building, I have not been inside yet but I will some day.  I'm not sure how much it cost to build, but it was a really big investment for a small country.

 The open air museum is pretty awesome, it is a collection of old wooden buildings.  I haven't been since I was a missionary.  We almost went last time Mom and Dad came to visit, maybe next time!

This is the new seaplane harbor, it was really neat.  They remodeled an old air hanger and it was really neat.  They had a yellow submarine ride, and a real submarine inside, plus lots of other cool stuff.

There are other cool museums too, the museum of occupation, the toy museum and the list goes on.  We didn't get any visitors this summer (except Elder Mann, thanks for the visit), if anyone wants to come next summer the museums are waiting!

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