Friday, June 29, 2012

First publication

My first publication was published today! For some reason in Academia they really want people to publish and Tallinn University is no different.  I don't think anyone cares if anyone reads the articles; the main thing is that they are there.  In Estonia they have an interesting ranking system, so the goal is to get publications in the highest ranking categories.  This journal right now is a 1.2 which means it is a peer-reviewed journal, but not a world class one.  It's nice to finally have a publication to put on my CV; otherwise it is kind of awkward.  Right now I am just an assistant, to qualify for a lecturer I need to have at least a publication.  So hopefully at some point in the future I will be able to get a promotion.  One interesting point about the article, right before the submission deadline the prime minister of Moldova (the article is on Moldova-Russia relations) came to Tallinn, so I went to his speech and was able to ask him a question on my research area.  I remember in Tartu people kept telling me that my thesis wasn't science it was just a review.  I kept thinking to myself, what do they want me to do talk to the prime minister of Moldova or something?  Well it turns out that is what I did.  Coincidence? Blessing? Tender Mercy?  Anyway you take it, it helped me get my first publication. 

Vladimir Filat, Prime Minister of Moldova

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