Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A walk to work

 So this week I took my camera to work with me.  These are some sights that I walk by every day.  There was a lot I could have taken pictures of but I decided to focus on remonts.  Specifically the half remont.  Often times only half of a building will be remodelled in Estonia, I'm still not sure why it happens, but it does. This first building is the classic half remont.  The ends of the building is remodelled, but not the middle.  The sides are just gray brick. 
 This is a classic upper level, lower level.  The lower level is owned by a business and the upper level is just apartments.  This usually means that the lower level is nice and the upper level is old and crappy. 

 I have no idea how this happened but the back side of the building is yellow and the rest of the building is gray. 
 This is two different buildings, so it isn't a half remont, but this happens all the time, where one building is beautiful and the one next to it is just a dump.  I really like the green color on this building, it is a nice change from the gray. 
 This isn't a half remont either, but this is one of the ugliest buildings in Tallinn, I hate it.  All they need to do is paint it. Shame on them.  (In their defense I think they are trying to move into a bigger newer building, so they probably do not want to invest in their old crappy building). 
Yes even a tram made it into the half remont blog post.  The middle tram car is new and beautiful.  It is low to the ground and is easy to get into.  They just put the nice tram car in between two old tram cars that they spruced up.  They didn't have the money to buy nice new trams so they went for the half remont. 

So what do we think of the half remont?  Glass half full, or half empty? 

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