Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eurovison time!

Can you believe that it is already Eurovision time?  Time goes by so fast.  Maris and I both love Eurovision, this is our 4th Eurovision together now.  The last three winners have been Azherzaban, Germany, and Sweden.  Who will it be this year?  We will find out tonight!!

Eurovision comes at a nice time of the year, usually in May I get a little bit homesick.  The NBA and NHL playoffs are going on, the NFL draft has recently happened and at times I start to think about how nice it would be to watch a playoff game or sports center on ESPN.  But then Eurovision comes and I am reminded that there are a lot of nice things about living in Europe after all.

The two semi finals have already happened, so 16 countries are already out.  The Final concert is tonight where the top 26 countries will compete.  I have already checked the blogs and the polls to see who is predicted to win, but I won't ruin the secret.  They aren't always right anyway.  Here are 4 songs that I really liked that did not make it into the finals (you can change the video quality if you like).

This is Finland's song, the singer is singing in Swedish.  Swedish is an official language of Finland, about 6% of the people in Finland are Swedish.

The Netherlands, this song is kind of catchy, I really liked the Indian headdress the most. 

This is Belarus, I know Lynne loves Belarus.  It was a pretty good song too.

And Bulgaria had a good song this year too.

If anyone wants to watch the final it will be tonight at 10:00 PM Estonian time, 1:00 PM Twin Falls time.  You can watch it live from the Eurovision website

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