Monday, May 28, 2012

Eurovision Finals

It was another great Eurovision.  Sweden won, they were the favorites.  About 125 million people watched the finals on Saturday night.

Azerbaijan built the Crystal Hall arena just for the Eurovision song festival.  It holds over 20,000 people and cost 150 million to build.  The BBC had an article about how people were forced from their homes to make way for the arena.  And now the songs!

The winner was Sweden, it is good dance song. 

Russia had an awesome song this year, they got second.  I think this was my favorite song.  (Russia, Romania, and Cyprus were my favorites)

I also really liked Romania's song a lot.  This video was from the semifinals. 

Cyprus had a great song.

I also liked Lithuania's song

Ukraine's song was great.

Turkey had a weird song.  The first time I heard it I didn't like it at all, but now I really like it.

So what song do you like the best?  vote in the poll! (top right on the blog)

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