Sunday, April 8, 2012

top ten big projects the church should consider

A few days back I did a top ten list of the big projects the church has done during Bishop Burton's tenure, here are some of my ideas for what they could do in the next 15 years or so.

10. BYU-Fresno.  There are a lot of members living in California who do not want to go to school in Provo or Rexburg.  This would give the members in California a chance at a low cost Church education.  This is highly unlikely because it is so expensive to run a university these days.  This is why it is at number 10.

9. Replica ship.  The church could radically increase of FARMS (foundation for ancient research and mormon studies) funding.  They could build a life size version of Nephi's boat and sale it over the Atlantic ocean.

8.The first vision on Ice.  The church could sponsor a large entertainment event to rival the Book of Mormon Broadway play.  This would be an ice show with a little more reverence

7.  Zarahemla land. The church could by Lagoon and turn it into Zarahemla Land, a Book of Mormon themed theme park. 

6. More-man.  The church could open a for profit gym company to compete with Gold's gym, called More-man (sounds like Mormon).  It would be a way to promote healthy living and the word of wisdom.

5. Greece Bailout.  The church could agree to bailout Greece in return for some islands.  The church could then use them for destinations for the Pioneer Cruise Lines (see nr. 3).  They could also populate them with modern day pioneers and create a Mormon micro state. 

4.Mollywood.  The church could create a film studio/center/complex in Utah to subsidise the creation of Mormon based movies. 

3. Pioneer Cruise lines.  The church could create a family values cruise line to compete with Disney.  It could also be Book of Mormon themed. 

2. The Grand Nephite Resort.  This is my favorite.  Build a 1 billion USD family friendly resort in Las Vegas.  This would be a bold attempt to turn Las Vegas into a family friendly city.  It could make Las Vegas a cheap, closer, alternative to Southern California, for many members in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona.  It would also keep members away from the strip.  In addition to the hotel it would feature a large indoor water park called the Waters of Mormon, free for guests of the hotel.  Also there would be live shows featuring Donny Osmond, Gladys Knight, and David Archuleta.  Having a center of sin so close to Utah is not in the church's interest.

1. BYU-England.  The church is very weak in Europe, the church continues to invest in temples but what they need is to help the YSA stay active.  A church sponsored education would keep them active and prevent them from coming to the US.  It would also give a quality education at a cheap price which is hard to find in England these days.  

What project did you like the best?  Which one do you think the church will do?  You might think these projects sound silly but I would like to note that the church owns a billion dollar ranch in Florida (largest cow-calf operation in the USA), large amounts of farm land in Nebraska, the Polynesian Cultural Center, and now the City Creek shopping center which cost 1-2 billion.  Maybe some of my ideas aren't so far fetched after all. 


  1. an ice show with a little more are so funny!! I love #1. that would be awesome.

  2. Awesome post. My top ones would be More-Man (with a Stripling warriors theme in there somewhere), or BYU-England.

    Based on what most people wear to the gym though... I don't know if they would officially endorse something like that, but I could see it being an affiliated but unofficial store (think Deseret Book) with a dress code.

    BYU-England... that would just be awesome.

  3. 5. Greece bailout & Mormon micro state is the best! 12 points Matt :)