Saturday, April 21, 2012

Romney's VP choice!

Well things are getting exciting with the election.  Romney's VP choice is still a ways off but the speculation is in full swing.  Here is a really good article about what Romney needs to consider in his VP choice.  Basically Romney needs to decide which weakness does he want to shore up.  Should he worry about the women vote? The Latino vote?  He could try to shore up his foreign policy credentials, or double down on the economy.  I put up a new poll of who you think should be Romney's VP choice.  Each candidate would give something different to the ticket.  Here are the candidates again:

Marco Rubio- Would spice up the ticket, help with the Latino community (part of it) would help in Florida.  He has said he is not interested, but it would still be hard to say no.  He also does not have a lot of experience.
Rob Portman- This would be a safe pick that would say that Romney is focusing on the economy.  Rob Portman has a lot of experience but is it all good experience?  It came during the Bush years which could be easy to attack.  He is from the swing state Ohio which is important.
Chris Christie-  This would be a similar pick.  Christie would spice up the ticket but would not deliver a swing state, it would also be a safe pick.
Bob McDonnell- This is also a safe pick, but from a swing state.  It's hard to say which of the three safe picks would be the best.  McDonnell wouldn't help in winning the women vote.
Kelly Ayotte- There are several other women who could have made the list but I think Ayotte is the most likely of them.  She was attorney general of New Hampshire before she joined the senate in 2010.  From a swing state as well.
Jeb Bush- He has the wrong last name, but he is popular in Florida and Romney likes him a lot.
Condoleezza Rice- This would put a lot of diversity on the ticket.  Romney likes to talk tough on foreign policy but he doesn't know what he is talking about.  This would be a smart choice if Romney thinks that Iran and North Korea are going to be an issue in the near future.  Even though Obama has been very successful in terms of foreign policy (got Bin Laden, no major blunders like Bush, Clinton, Reagan, or Carter), Romney has been very critical of Obama's military cuts and his 'softness' towards almost everybody.  If the economy does really well in the next 2 months, and projections show it will continue to do well until November this might be a pick worth investigating.  Rice is probably the most likable person from the Bush team.

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