Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!


So I got an early birthday present in the mail and I couldn't wait until my birthday so I opened it!  The complete series of Deep Space Nine!  7 seasons, 48 discs, 173 episodes, and 7,659 minutes of pure awesomness! I think this was my favorite Star Trek series.  The great thing about science fiction is that it tends to come true.  A cell phone and i-pad are a few things that were pure science fiction not too long ago.  I'm still young, so it will be exciting to see what will happen in my life time.  I'm excited for a Moon base and for a man to land on Mars.  Now that Newt won't be president we will have to wait a little longer for the Moon base :)

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  1. ryan is often amazed at my star trek knowledge and I credit it all to you...b/c even though I may not have watched every episode with you(deep space 9 was my favorite series too.) it was always on in the background.