Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weird Estonians...

Lately I have noticed that there are a lot of old Christmas trees around our apartment building. I wonder why people do that? One reason might be that it is an old urban custom - throw everything out on the street right where you live. So in a sense it is just a cultural act.

I also wonder why people buy the trees if they know that they have to get rid of them. It is not an easy task. I imagine people going out late at night to dump the trees ... right in front of their building, just across the street. You can even observe what happens to the tree. Will someone take care of it? Will it be there until summer? Winter? Fascinating!

I think dumping the Christmas trees symbolizes the way Estonians act. It does not matter if it is an old tree, old wrinkly wife, an annoying son/a mooch - just throw it out and do not worry about it any more.

Here are some photos:

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