Sunday, March 4, 2012

Eesti laul 2012

Saturday night we went to Eesti laul 2012, that was the concert where they chose Estonia's song for Eurovision.  The songs were all very beautiful, out of the 10 there was only one that I really didn't want to go to Eurovision, and that was the one that won.  I think it will really bomb at Eurovision and won't make it into the finals.  That should teach Estonia a lesson.  It's too boring of a song to put on this blog, but there were two other songs that were pretty interesting from the competition.  Also the winner of last year's competition performed a song that was the best of them all.

This song was pretty interesting.  The first time I didn't like the guy's accent, but the second time I really liked it. 

This song was really cool live

This song starts at 1 min. 40 seconds, but it was my favorite song of the night!  Today at church someone said that Maris looks like Getter Jaani.

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