Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Estonia!

Yesterday was Estonia's independence day. Estonia is now 94 years old. They had a concert that was kind of weird. All the songs were in Estonian but many weren't really patriotic and the style was kind of boring. The president gave a nice speech and it was followed by the presidential reception. Basically all the important people in Estonia shake the president's hand. It is kind of like a wedding reception line. It goes on for about 2 hours or so. It is always interesting to see if I know anyone there. Also it is cool to see how people dress. Some wear national clothes and some wear fancy dresses or tuxedos. I didn't see Tunne or Mari-Ann Kelam there this year.

This is Sven Mikser, he is the leader of the social democrats and maybe the next prime minister of Estonia.
Tiit Land is the Tallinn University Rector (president).

US ambassador Michael Polt

Marianne Mikko is a member of the Estonian parliament, former member of the European parliament and also a doctoral student at Tallinn University! Sometimes she comes to our doctoral seminars.

I don't know who this is but she had a nice dress.

Keit Pentus is one of the hottest politicians right now. Young, smart, good looking and not afraid to wear yellow! She is the minister of environmental affairs. I think she also has a good chance at being the next prime minister in Estonia. She is a member of ruling party.

I also have no idea who this is but she had a nie dress. Halloween colors are always a hit right?

These were some sisters from Southern Estonia in traditional Estonian colothing.

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