Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Worth the wait

(49ers Vernon Davis crying for joy after catching the game winning touchdown. He had 180 yards receiving and 2 TDs. 180 yards is an NFL record for most yards caught by a TE in a playoff game).

On Saturday something magical happened, the 49ers won a playoff game! It had been 9 years since they were in the playoffs, that too was an awesome game when they beat the Giants. I was on the mission and of course didn't see it. The year before they were also in the playoffs but they lost and I only saw part of it on a small TV at DT (freshman year of college). Before that it was 1998 when they were in the playoffs. Anyway it was a long wait but I've stayed true and faithful to the 49ers through the thick and thin. There were some good moments, like when they drafted Brandon Doman and there were lots of bad moments, like when they decided to start Just Turnovers O'Sullivan at QB over Alex Smith. Those all are distant memories now.

Alex Smith has had a rough 7 years in San Francisco. He has had 7 offensive coordinators in 7 years, and he has had head coaches that have treated him like garbage. He was called a bust, a game manager and probably worse. Unfortunately the fans also didn't treat him well. Edgar and I have stood beside him the whole time. We saw in him the potential to be a pro bowl QB, the talent was there and for us it was clear that all he needed was respect, help from his teammates and a system to fit his style. We've seen him win games before, we've seen him make the throws before but he has never put it together for an entire year. This year it all came together. He had a QB rating of 90.7 and had the greatest 4th quarter of any QB in the NFL. He out Joe Montana'd Joe Montana.

I have never seen a game this good in the NFL. There have been some pretty crazy college football games but this game was tops among NFL games. Here are some of the highlights.

The 49ers were the underdogs against the high powered Saints. The 49er's offense has been a problem for the last 9 years. This season it has been the defense and special teams getting the job done. In this game the defense and special teams did great, getting 5 turnovers. But with 4 minutes left in the game the 49ers were down 24-23. All the pressure was on the offense. The offense went 80 yards and scored a TD on a 28 yard run by Alex Smith. It was magical.

To see Alex score on a game winning drive like this after all those years was just magical. I admit I got a bit teary eyed with all the emotion. There was only one problem, there was still 2 minutes left in the game. Last season the 49ers played the Saints and were in position to win only to see the saints score in the last seconds of the game. I was hoping it wouldn't happen this time, but it did in spectacular fashion. The Saints scored a TD in only seconds on this amazing catch and run by Jimmy Grahm.

I was pretty stunned at that point. This meant that our offense would need to score again. Could our offense really do it twice in a row? That was asking too much, or at least that was what I thought! Alex Smith and Vernon Davis promptly picked apart the Saints defense and scored a TD with 9 seconds left to win the game.

This is the final drive, if you only want to see the last play see the next video.

To see Vernon Davis and Alex Smith connect to win this game was magical. It was worth the wait.

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