Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So far this has been an awesome January. Things in Estonia are great, winter finally came. We have lots of snow and everything is beautiful. There are no classes in January, just lots of grading and getting ready for the new semester. Tallinn University seems to be pretty international. There is an American couple who live in Tallinn, Pete is getting his MA here at Tallinn University Kimmy is teaching English. They came over last week. Also a nice guy from Cape Verde just moved in, he is doing a post-doc. He came over for FHE last night. It's nice to have an international feel to the branch. We also got a new branch president on Sunday.

We have been watching season 7 of the office, it is great. Maris has a birthday on Saturday and the 49ers are playing in the playoffs on Saturday! The Jazz have a winning record so far. The Red Wings are tied for first in their division.

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