Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter came

I thought I would also add some pictures from the nutcracker, we went on Maris's birthday, it was great!

Maris wore her special dress from Turkey and I wore my cuff links. It turns out that my suit jacket is a bit too long for me, so you can't see them. But I knew they were there.

President Boswell mentioned that they were thinking of creating a Baltic stake! That would be very exciting. They have plans to build a full sized chapel in Riga! It is two stories, with a full sized basketball court behind the chapel on the second floor. That would mean it could fit 600-800 for a stake conference. This is a picture of the chapel to be built. They actually have three exterior designs, this was one of them. The interior will be the same for all of them.

Well winter has really come. It has been minus 10 or colder for the last few days. It looks like it will be pretty cold for the next few days as well. I knew the nice warm weather couldn't last forever. Tomorrow is the start of a new semester! The first half I will be teaching a class on international organizations and trying to finish up some articles, then the second half I will be teaching a class on US foreign policy and basics of political science and governance. Exciting!

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