Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have been waiting a very long time for this blog post! We live next to the "kesk turg" or the central market. It is a wonderful place. Most of the stuff there is really cheap, all transactions are done in cash and no questions are asked. I always forget my camera when I go, but today I remembered.
This is the veggies section. I bought our little pumpkin from here. The buckets are filled with sauerkraut and other ready made foods.

This is the 'farm milk' stand (talupiim) we got milk from here once but it was more expensive than the milk from the store and not as good. I'm pretty used to the 2.5% pasteurized milk. The Honey truck is also here, there is tons of honey for sale at the market, I'm not sure how they can ever hope to sell it all.

There is also a huge section for clothes, some are used and all of them are cheaper than what you find in a normal store. Lynne's Christmas hat came from the market. They have a good selection!
This is the main reason we go to the market, the meat! This place is pure awesome. You can usually see a few men (or women) with an ax or a hatchet cutting up a half of a pig or another large piece of meat. There is no quality control, no best sell dates, no washing hands just raw meat, and lots of it! We usually go for the Chicken filet and ground beef, which is actually 50% pork and 50% beef. Today we got 1 kg of chicken and 2 kg of ground beef. It is amazing how much cheaper it is here than from the store.

They also have some really interesting things for sale here. This is a box of chicken hearts! It reminds me of Tucanos.

This is a box of massive bones, I'm not sure what they do with them. I think they sell them.

This picture is a classic. This is the section of things you will never find in Smiths. We have pig lungs, livers,, kidneys, and ears. The heads and feet were in the next section! Estonians love their pork!

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