Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas and computer problems

The last few days have been interesting! To start let me say I am very thankful to be writing this blog. My computer was taken over by a Trojan malware program when I opened an attachment I thought was from DHL (we are expecting some DHL packages at the church soon). The computer went a little nuts and then the malware program pretended to almost fix the problem but to totally fix the problem it needed an upgrade. Of course I didn't. things still seemed pretty bad though. I was worried there were serious hard drive problems, I didn't know what it was but it had me worried. 1 day and 19 euros later a computer repair shop had me all fixed up. A Christmas miracle! He was able to restore my computer to what it was 3 days ago, so the system is fine. I was not able to find my data on my hard drive though. But the Eagle scout in me prevailed and I was prepared with a backup. It was about 3 weeks old, but the documents not on it were still saved in temporary folders in programs like word and office. So I didn't lose any data. If anyone hasn't backed up their computer recently today would be a good day to do it!

On to more joyous topics we put up our Christmas tree today! We have a very small Christmas tree, but it is perfect. This year we got 3 very small Christmas ornaments to go on it (full size ornaments don't really fit). They are 3 ships from Star Trek! I got these about 14 years ago when I was really into star trek. I kept them in mint condition for several years and then forgot about them. We opened them up now and they look great! It was worth the wait.

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