Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

We aren't doing much celebrating here (hard to celebrate in a foreign country) but we are very thankful. I'm thankful for a wonderful family, thankful for a good job, for a good school, a good branch and a nice home. Most importantly I'm thankful for my wonderful wife Maris!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

65 by 365

Well the last while people have been telling me how skinny I am so I went to weigh myself. I was down to 61 kilos! (134lbs) It was the day after a fast and after going to the bathroom, but this is the lightest I have been for a very very long time, maybe since 9th grade. This summer when I was in the states for 5 weeks I gained 6 kilos, but that was 8 kilos ago. So instead of waiting for the new year to make a resolution I thought I would make a resolution now. So this blog is here to introduce my 65 by 365 diet. I will get up to 65 kg (143lbs) by the end of the year (365th day of the year). To do this I'll have to increase my calorie intake. One of the reasons why I don't weigh a lot is because I only drink water. It saves a lot of money, and makes it easier to carry the groceries home (liquids are heavy). But that also cuts out a lot of calories. This diet will be a lot more fun than the ones most people go on. For example the Fun da-middle cupcakes that my parents gave us. We put some extra frosting on top, and they were amazing. They were little calorie bombs. The other item that will be key in this diet is "oven baked apple" flavored yogurt. This is the most amazing yogurt you will ever taste. Usually I just have a bowl of cold cereal in the morning, but now I will also be having a bowl full of this amazing yogurt. Today it was on sale so I bought another 2 kgs worth. I'll keep you updated on how the 65 by 365 diet is going.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabulous fall

November will be gone before we know it, and winter will soon be here. So far this has been a fabulous fall. The weather has been wonderful, lots of sunny and warm (above freezing) days. We made chili and cornbread the other day and we are in full fall mode. We don't want to think about winter just yet. The days are very short, so it has been nice to have sunny days. I do miss football, it is the best part of fall. But I get the highlights on and the 49ers are doing great so I can't complain.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Temple trip

Saturday was a district temple trip. We went to the Twin Falls temple in the summer, but hadn't been to the Helsinki temple for 6 months or so. It was quite the trip! The temple is such a wonderful place to forget about the world and to remember what is most important about life. I always like looking at the sealing room where Maris and I were married.

It was a holiday in Finland, so we had to wait 40 min for our bus to Espoo, but luckily for us there was a Gypsy band to provide entertainment!

This is the train station in Helsinki

On the boat trip back to Estonia there was a Smurf dance party for the kids! What a perfect way to finish a nice trip to Finland.