Friday, September 30, 2011


So today is the last day of September, let me update you on the things going on. First today was a beautiful day. I think it may have been the only beautiful day this month! It has rained almost every day, I think today was the 2nd day it hasn't rained. Today was also warm, which was really nice. Before today I started wearing my hat, because it was getting chilly. They haven't started heating the building yet, so our apartment was a bit cold too. But it is warmer today. The leaves are starting to turn beautiful colors. The only thing missing this fall is football.

We have had a leaky faucet for a while now, finally we were able to (I got around to calling) get some guys to come fix it, they ended up replacing the whole faucet! Our landlord paid for it, so that is nice. Renting isn't so bad after all right?

I also got paid today! Today was my first real payday, so that is good. So far things have been going well with teaching. I'm sure the problems will come when it is time to grade papers and exams.

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