Monday, August 15, 2011

San Francisco

The main stop on the Californian road trip was San Francisco, one of my favorite US cities. The weather wasn't the best but what can you do. The best time to go to San Francisco is in the fall when you can see a 49er game but that wasn't an option.

We went on a boat ride in the bay and got pretty close to Alcatraz! The best part of the boat ride was going under the golden gate bridge.

My favorite part of the San Francisco trip was spending time with my my friend Edgar. Back in 2002 we were both serving missions in Estonia, we discovered that we both loved the 49ers. My trainer foolishly said that a friendship cannot be based on sports, well Edgar and I have talked or emailed probably every week for the last 9 years, I haven't heard from my trainer in very long time. Edgar was a fantastic missionary and is an amazing friend.

Edgar got tickets to an open practice in August, when we went to visit the lockout was still in place, bummer! Enjoy the open practice Edgar!

We went to the Aquarium by the bay, which was pretty cool.

We loved China town! Our hotel was in China town, which was nice. Note to the blog readers, hotels in San Francisco are not cheap!!

We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, but we didn't go to the Red Woods. After seeing Planet of the Apes I wish we had gone!

My brother Jeff let us know about Alamo Square and the full house photo opp!

This is a picture of the acadamy of sciences, it was really neat. They had a rain forrest, planetarium and an aquarium inside.

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