Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Party with the Estonians!

One of the best parts of the summer was having a lunch party with 14 Estonians! (Maris is number 15) They were all living in Idaho selling books. They were streched from Boise to Idaho Falls, and we are so glad they took some time to party with us in Twin Falls.

We had lunch outside, it was pioneer day, hence the nice western decorations on the table. The food was fantastic, we had everything you could think of and more! Super thanks to Mom for wonderful food. After lunch some of the Estonians were nice enough to come to church with us where Maris and I gave talks! Everything went well, Maris' talk was especially good.

The best part of the lunch party was getting to see my friend Katre! Katre is selling books in Boise, I'm glad she got to come visit me in Twin Falls! Her sister Karoli (also my good friend) sold books in Georgia and Florida a year or two ago, her older brother Karel first started selling books in Ohio with Maris about 4 years ago or so. What are the chances that they both would be in Idaho this summer? Karel is the team leader and was also at the lunch, he lives in down town Tallinn, so hopefully we will get to see him in the fall when he comes back.

I first met Katre in 2005 when I was studying in Tartu, and I'm glad we are still friends today. Katre is still in Boise selling books, it's hard work so to Katre I say, jõudu tööle! Edu ja näeme sügisel.

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