Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deer Lake

Every two years there is a big family reunion at Deer Lake, WA. I have only been once in 2005, so I was very excited to go this time. After the long drive we arived at a beautiful mountain lake. There is a lot of family on my Mom's side of the family and it is hard to see a lot of them, so it was really good to see them at the family reunion. This year there was about 75 of us there.

I really liked this tree above, it looked like it could fall over any time.
This is all of us! I think the last time I saw some of them was back in 2005.

Here is a picture of the Lake, it is beautiful
This was Jake's spot during meals, he was king of the stump!
We got to do lots of jet skiing! Thanks Dad for bringing the jet skis
Trent took his rip stick, and Jake took his scooter. I didn't do very well on the rip stick, but I was a pro on Jake's scooter!

My mom had the most stylish hat at the family reunion, Jake obviously knew that so he tried the hat on too.
Maris is beautiful, I'm glad she was with me during the trip! It wouldn't have been the same without her. We had fun jet sking together

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