Monday, August 22, 2011

Columbia Ice Field

The farthest north we went was the Columbia Ice Field, it is a little south of Jasper. Our family took a trip to Canada when I was 9 or 10, I don't remember too much but I do remember the Columbia Ice Field. This is a really awesome place. We took a normal bus from the visitor center to a parking lot at the edge of the icefield, then we took a crazy big monster that took us to the middle of the ice field! We got to drink glacier water, it was cold and tasted like water.
I don't remember all of the statistics about this monster but it is a beast. I think each one cost $750,000 to make, it had a special transmision so the engine would never go above 2,500 RPMs, that made it able to go down steep inclines (30%) without speeding up. The tires cost about $7,000 to replace. That is a lot of money for a tire! But when you look at the size of them you know there is a lot of rubber there.

Those Canadians thought of everything, before the big monsters enter and upon exiting, they drive through a little pond to wash off the dirt, gravel, and other stuff off their tires. If they would drive onto the glacier with dirty tires it would not only make the glacier dirty, it would make it melt faster. This way they are able to make an ice road on the glacier.
This was an old school snomobile that they used to go to onto the glacier, Dad likes his ski-doos a little better. Something tells me that this one wouldn't make it in the trinities.

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