Friday, August 12, 2011

Back in Estonia

I'm back in Estonia! After 5 weeks, 6 kilos and 2 countries I am back in Tallinn. The time went fast and the weight came easily. I had a great time at home, I wasn't really excited to come back but once I got settled in here life is good. The trip home was nice and I even slept through the night! So far this is the best I have done with jet lag in years. When we got to Helsinki the weather was cold and rainy and we saw a drunk guy throw up at a tram stop. In Estonia there was a hostage situation at the ministry of defense where the hostage taker was shot and killed by the police. Luckily things didn't get out of hand like they did in Norway. All in all it it is good to be back in the Baltics!

There is a lot of stuff for me to do in August, I will be busy. In addition to work, school, church work there is also other exciting things going on. The NFL preseason has started and the Iowa straw poll is tomorrow I think. All in all life has never been better!

In the upcoming days I will be blogging about all of the crazy adventures of the last month. Stay tuned! Thank you family for a wonderful time!

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