Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Animals gone wild!

Maybe the best part of being in Canada was getting to see some wild animals. They were up close, untamed and they were wild!! The mountain goats above were actually in Montana, but they still made the blog.
This big horned sheep was right by the road! He was on this ledge for a long time, then he jumped down to the road and then ran back up where it was easier to get up. There were two other big horned sheep up above waiting for him.
Dad got some great close ups with the video, I was afraid that it would get spooked, jump down and charge Dad. Not that Dad is the spooky kind, but you never know with wild animals!
We saw a bear, it was right next to our car! It was a little skinny but it was still great to see one.
We also drove right by a mountain goat. They must be pretty used to people, he didn't even notice us.

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