Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The reason I went to Iceland was for the ECPR's 6th general concerence. The ECPR stands for European Consortium for Political Research. This was the biggest conference in ECPR and Iceland history with over 2,300 participants. It seemed like the whole city was full of ECPR people. My panel was good, I got good feedback of how to make my paper better and also nice words from the discussant
The opening meetings were held in this huge new concert building, it just opened the Saturday before we got there! It was pretty cool.
This is the main university building, the conference was in several buildings. This is the building where my panel was.
This was a new building. It was awesome. They had big apple computers everywhere for the students to use and drinking fountains!

This is the president of Iceland, he spoke to us in the big concert hall. He was really good. I didn't get any pictures of me doing my presentation but that is ok. I got to meet a lot of cool people while I was there. I met some Estonians from Tallinn and I got to talk to my old teacher from Tartu for a while. He is now moving back to Denmark. Hopefully everything will go well with his move.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iceland baby!

This week I was in Iceland for the ECPR general conference. Iceland was awesome! Only 300,000 people live there but the island is bigger than I thought it was. It is about 40,000 square miles big! That is almost as big as Estonia (45,000 square miles). For those of you in the states Idaho is about 83,000 square miles, so Iceland is about half the size of Idaho. I always thought it was just a little island way up north.

Iceland was very pretty and had a really beautiful landscape. There was lots of lava rock and mountains. I'll do some more posts about the conference and everything that I did. Stay tuned!