Sunday, June 19, 2011


We were in Turkey this week and it was awesome! We were in Istanbul, it is a beautiful city. I think the thing we liked the most about the trip was the food. It was really really good!
On Tuesday when we got there we were starving so we found this place and ate there, it was awesome. It turned out to be our favorite restaurant so we ate there on our last day on the way back to the airport. The meat had so much flavor! Lunch for 2 was about 10 euros.

The food there was much better than my spaghetti cube. How spaghetti ends up as a cube is a good question. We have a small fridge so we have to smash all of our left overs into tupperware containers, the largest one we have is about 1 liter, so with the spaghetti we had to smash it pretty hard to get it to fit. Then when it came out it was a cube.

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