Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jaani Päev!

June 23rd is the longest day of the year in Estonia and it is a huge holiday. Jaani Päev which in English is St. John's day or summer's solstice. Estonians usually build a huge bon fire and have barbeques in the country side. We went to Tõrva for the week and had a great time. Kadi and Tommaso came from London to visit. Ele and Elise came to visit from Tartu, so everyone was there. We ate a lot of meat and had a great time. I like this picture of all of the siblings. This picture was at taken at Karjatnurme. Maris' mom lives there and it is really beautiful there.

In Tõrva we found this Alabama Western Grill, usually Alabama isn't considered a Western Cowboy state but I don't think Estonian's know the difference.
We were able to spend some time with cute kids this week! (Maris more so than me)
Here is a Vaiksoo picture, the Vaiksoo girls with their dad.
This is our meat pile, we had a really nice Jaani Päeva dinner, we didn't eat all of it because it was way too much, but it was really good. We can't barbeque at our place in Tallinn so it was nice to get the chance in Tõrva
We got to go to the castle ruins in Helme which is right next to Tõrva. There were tons of people there! Who knew Helme was a tourist hot spot? All in all it was a great Jaani Päev and a great week with family.

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