Monday, June 20, 2011


When most people think of a big city they would like to visit they think of New York, London, Paris maybe Moscow. Rarely do people think about Istanbul, which is shame. Istanbul is the prettiest, most interesting, coolest big city I have ever been to. The history and architecture here is fantastic. This is a view of the newer business district, that was the one place we didn't go.
Beautiful mosques like these are everywhere.

Istanbul is very modern! The trams are just as nice as the ones in Finland, and way way nicer than the ones in Estonia.

13 million people live in Istanbul making it one of the biggest cities in Europe. (Moscow and London are also pretty big).

There are mosques all over, they are beautiful and they have megaphone to call people to prayers 5 times a day! It really gives the city a nice Muslim feeling. Here is a nice link to a CNN article about Istanbul

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